Thursday, June 16, 2011


The past two weeks I have felt like I have been living in a fantasy world! We have had more highs and lows than I would have cared for! Let me first start off by saying that we had a very successful fundraiser where we raised over $1100 for our adoption! We are so thankful to our church family for their continued support.

It seems that where there is a high, there has almost always been a low.  Our main vehicle has been in the shop for two whole weeks and we are up to $450 that is not covered by warranty.  For a family that is saving every dime to meet a $5000 deadline, that is a lot.  Please pray for us as we continue to have these setbacks.

Some other good news it that Eric and I both have opportunity for advancement in our jobs by the end of the year.  This could mean an additional $800 a month in income! Money that we could be putting away to bring our sweet Zola home! We are hoping and praying that this comes sooner this year rather than later.  The only great news is that we do know that it is coming!

I am overjoyed every day that I log into blogger and see our stats.  I always love seeing how many hits we have from Countries such as Kenya and Australia and other cities in continents I have traveled.  Please feel free to leave us a comment.  If anyone has any questions about adoption in the DRC please feel free to message me or email me at .  The one thing I do miss about the ET adoption community is that there were tons of support groups (yahoo etc) I am very open and love to talk all things adoption.

For anyone who might be facing some of the same economic challenges with adoption as we are, please keep one word in mind: Resilience.  It is a beautiful thing! God gives us the strength to get back up when we have been knocked down.  I am on a mission for our sweet baby girl and there is nothing that will stand in our way.  I can't wait until the day that I get the call and information for our sweet girl's face.  Most importantly I can't wait until I have both of my children under one roof.  One sweet loving home!  God bless!


  1. I've had problems with commenting, so I'm going to leave this as anonymous and see if it works....
    I totally feel ya chick about having a car in the shop! Two weeks ago, my husband was out of the country and my 85 year old Nana was staying with me. I was worried and sleep deprived. And I accidentally ran into my friend's garage door and it has cost me $525 to repair it! That money came directly from our adoption fund. SO painful and I felt so DUMB! At least you didn't do that! HA! : ) I just have to laugh about it b/c the other option is not good. : )
    I love following you and can't wait for you to go get your baby girl and maybe love on my son while you are there. We are waiting for our criminal state records to come in the mail. then, we will overnight them to OWAS and hopefully get on the waitlist! I will be singing it from the rooftops when we get on the list! Thanks for the encouragement on Resilence. So good.

  2. Just wanted to let you know there's a Congo Adoption Yahoo Group:

    We were adopting from ET too up until last month. I loved that there were a ton of blogs, groups and people I personally got to know adopting from ET as well. I'm excited to be going down the DRC path now for sure, but it is a bit harder to find DRC connections.

    Here is my blog:

    @Julia-hope your records come in soon!


  3. Great to meet both of you! I look forward to sharing our journey together! When we get on the referral list I believe we will be throwing a party too! Here's to hoping to meet you both in the future!

  4. So wonderful to see people following God despite what others may say or do. When we first shared it was hard to see other people struggle with our decision. And then it's gotten kind of normal to see first confusion, then nervous smiles, then concern, then (hopefully) settlement. Obedience to God will prevail. Our adoption journey started in one country and then moved to another as well for similar reasons. It was a difficult change for us, but God blessed us and we hope to bring our second little man home before too long. Waiting for a court date in Ethiopia...Blessings

  5. Hi there - We are the Fuller Family :-) Seen your blog on the yahoo site. I don't get on the forum much but love to follow Adoption blogs :-) I felt like I was in the same boat as you are as I read this entry. We are at a $5,000 deadline right now to accept our referral (Praise God we have part of it right now) and we just had to put about $400 into van repairs (new water pump) So I loved what you wrote "Resilience. It is a beautiful thing! God gives us the strength to get back up when we have been knocked down."

    Hope to get to know you better! Our blog is

  6. Also this link might help you connect more with those that have and are adopting from the Congo. You can also add your own blog to the list. One of my favorite adoption blogs is Million of Miles and she adopted from the Congo. So if your not following her she is awesome!!