Sunday, November 20, 2011

Perfect Timing

As I'm sure most have noticed, it has been a long time since my last blog post.  We've spent the last several months in thought.  Money is tight, and we thought we might wait just a little bit longer to proceed with the adoption process.  God had other plans.

Two weeks ago I was on the internet looking at various adoption agencies and reading posts on a yahoo group that I follow.  Someone mentioned that there were waiting children in the Congo at a Love Beyond Borders.  Knowing we weren't ready I went to their site and came across the face of an angel.  God spoke to my heart that night.  I prayed.  I looked at her face.  I prayed some more.  And when I went to bed that evening I knew that I had seen the face of my little girl.  The next morning I emailed a Love beyond Borders.  Two days, still no answer.  I forgot about it.  God was telling me something.  Two more days and I receive an email.  She is still available.  My husband had no idea.  What would he say? He is the one that wanted to wait.  I brought her picture home.  I showed it to him.  Tears streamed from his eyes and he gave the picture to my son.  My son looked up and said, "Zola?"  God was speaking to all of us.  He was moving us to adopt this little girl.

Fast forward two days.  Our caseworker tells us we have ten days to come up with the fees to pay them for our sweet angel.  You see, people had seen her sweet face and many were inquiring.  I told our caseworker our story, and she too knew God had designated this child for our family.  She is fighting for us.  Fighting to buy us time for our girl.  But time is running out.

I wish I had every penny of the money we need for our adoption.  There is nothing worse than knowing you want something so bad but have to rely on others for help.  We have few options to come up with $7000 in such a short amount of time.  We just purchased our home and don't have enough equity.  We don't have enough money in our 401k to borrow.  Credit cards aren't an option.  Doors are closing and still God is moving, telling us that nothing is impossible.  I knew when we started this journey it would not be easy.  I tell myself we are like Nehemiah.  We have a burden, one that doesn't appeal to all people.  A burden that confuses many.  But like Nehemiah we will not give up.  I look at the laundry list of fees and I cry.  I pray and I see her face and I feel some kind of peace telling me that miracles will happen. 

This morning was not unlike many others.  We went to church and worshiped.  I heard a song that I listen to almost every day.  Most days I sing along like a robot, untouched by the words.  Today I wept.  I cried so hard right in the middle of our worship service.  The words to that song shot through me.  Touched me unlike any other day.  God was stirring something up in me.  He was telling me that through all of this He would be glorified.  If we bring Zola home it will not be because my husband and I did it.  God will be the only way our sweet girl comes home.

I ask you to please continue to pray.  Pray that when one door shuts another opens.  Pray that God opens hearts and stirs others up.  We are attempting to take out a loan for the set of fees due next week. There is a donation link at the bottom of the page.  If you feel led please feel free to donate.  Please share our page and do not forget to pray for our sweet girl.

~ Tara ~

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