Monday, June 25, 2012

Full Circle

Our blog has been very quiet the past month or so.  I tend to be one of those impulsive people where I jump the gun and share things before they need to be shared.  It's just my nature.  My husband and I always exchange gifts before the holiday because we get so excited to share what we've gotten each other. So needless to say it's been hard knowing the path we were pursuing and not sharing it.  We have spent a lot of time in prayer and with our friends who are/have adopted.  Things have come full circle for us as we decided to adopt from Ethiopia. Our home study is final!!! Woohoo! I have began filling out grant applications and praying for our fundraising efforts.  We are so relieved and at peace with our decision.  We have no doubt (again) that this is where God is leading us.  I am so happy with our agency (Celebrate Children International) and the work they do in Ethiopia.  Not only has God led us to Ethiopia, he has also opened our hearts up to a child of either gender and to children with special needs.  We are so excited to see where God is about to take us.  But we need your help!  We are $5000 short of the money we need to accept a referral.  We are soooo close! Can you please share our blog with your friends?  Even small donations of $1 and $5 are helpful!  I have seen people raise up to $4000 in a week via the give 1 save 1 blog! Please keep praying for us and our adoption journey!