Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Wish

It's late here in Indiana; and after two days of little sleep, a sick child, and an abnormally large work load I am exhausted.  But God has put a sweet sister in Christ on my heart.  I have blogged before about Christie Magera and Ekubo ministries.  This is a ministry that is very dear to my heart.  While I have not met Christie in person, I feel like I've known her my whole life.  She pours every bit of her soul into her ministry and Christ shines through her.  Christie has been battling malaria since April.  She came to the U.S. to rest several weeks ago, but rest she has not.  She has been putting many hours into fundraising for Ekubo ministries and the people they serve in Uganda.  Christie is such a selfless individual.  She truly serves the least of these everyday.  And today, her husband's 30th birthday she is in the hospital in Alabama, stricken with what is most likely a severe form of malaria.  She is very ill and needs your prayers.

Most people would expect her to be focused on her health and getting better, but Christie continues to worry about their ministry and the people they serve.  She shares her story with every nurse, Dr, and intern who enters her room at the University of Alabama hospital where she is seeing a specialist.  While her husband is half a world away in Uganda she has one wish, for people to donate $1 for every year of George's life to Ekubo ministries.  Ekubo is currently in the process of building a hospital in their village, as well as serving so many, many other needs.  Would you prayerfully consider making a donation of any amount to their ministry for George's 30th birthday?  You can do so by  visiting her blog at http://compassinmyheart.blogspot.com/ and  clicking "Donate Here" in the left-hand column there.  Please share this blog post with your friends!  Let's blow them away with our support today.


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