Monday, September 24, 2012

Ordinary Hero!

Dear friends and family,

The rainy season is almost over, which means courts open in Ethiopia soon.  We are very hopeful that we will receive a referral before the end of the year!~! But we need your help! From now until Saturday night I am going to light up email and facebook with plea's to help us fund our Adoption.  Ordinary Hero is having a GRANT GIVEAWAY through next Saturday night and 40% of what we sell goes directly towards our adoption costs! PLUS they are giving away $1800 this weekend to the top 3 sellers of items in their store! I so want to be one of the TOP 3! I really want to be #1!  #1 wins a $1000 grant!!! This is the easiest and FASTEST way I know to raise some much needed cash towards our adoption! They are selling jewelry,note, t-shirts, , sweatshirts, hats (kids & adult sizes), coffee tumblers and more!. They are also selling blankets, raincoats, backpacks, sheep,  & shoes for the kids who have so little In Africa- those purchases will go straight to the kids- those items are even tax deductible. Would you PLEASE consider helping me/us? Just check out their store and see how you might help!


Please be an Ordinary Hero and help us fund our adoption.. When you purchase would you mind helping me by posting the OH store link to your Facebook and ask your friends to shop for us? I don’t know how much its gonna take to be the #1 seller (the #1 spot gets $1000 in addition to our sales!) I am hoping to sell $1200 in merchandise in the next 6 days! Wow, isn’t that crazy?? I know now you think we are really crazy, BUT, if we have JUST 25 friends spend $50 in the OH store we will meet our goal! With those sales I will earn $500 in commissions that goes straight to our adoption/mission trip fees and a REALLY great shot at winning TOP seller and get the $1000 bonus! Come on, please help us out! Pretty please?? :)

There are Donation Combos in the store that are $55 and they include a warm fleece blanket, two raincoats, and a pair of aqua shoes for the kids in Africa! You can even buy a SHEEP that will feed 40 people in Africa! How cool is that??? Now, how many people have asked you to buy a sheep? Really! Will you buy one pretty please ? :)There are also cool hats, cool shirts, coffee tumblers, and African Jewelry for YOU! Check it out today- and remember you have until Saturday at midnight to purchase and PLEASE make sure that you select our name from the affiliate box when you order so we get credit! Now get shopping!

Oh yeah, and more emails to follow over the next few days reminding you! I'm not trying to be a bother, I just don’t want you to forget about the chance to be AN ORDINARY HERO! Thanks in advance to all of you! Tell your friends, tell your mom and tell anyone who will listen!
Thanks for your help, thanks for your purchases and your prayers as we embark on this journey!
Here is the link to the store:

Just select our name in the affiliate drop down box in the checkout! See below for example!

The eyes of all creatures look to you,
and you give them food at the proper time.
You open your hand,
and you satisfy the desire of every living thing.

Psalm 145: 15-16

Thanks for helping us Raise these funds! We are so excited about this opportunity!

Tara and Eric

Friday, September 7, 2012


Our adoption agency is in need of desperate help.  Children in the Congo are suffering.  Here is what our agency director wrote upon returning home from the DRC:

Today, August 29, 2012, I returned from a 2 week trip to Democratic Republic of Congo and to Ethiopia.  My time in Congo was difficult, as it is every time I go.  The situation in DRC is difficult in every sense of the word.  This time, however, I was mortified and devastated by the physical condition I found many of the children to be in.  The orphanages in Congo are atrocious. They are overcrowded, poorly funded and lack the basic necessities needed to care for children.  One of the orphanages which with we partner is located in an isolated area surrounded but nothing but sand.  The children play outside and have contracted jiggers.  These are bugs that live in the sand during the dry season and burrow their way in the skin of the children. The result is severe pain and suffering and an inability of many of these children to walk.   Families who are adopting children have already paid huge sums of money to provide for the health and medical care of the children they hope to adopt.  Unfortunately, this condition seems to have been ignored by all those in charge.  Few people I met seemed to be concerned about these children’s condition, saying that this is common during the dry season.  The doctors, however, say they have never seen such severity of this condition. The children are suffering terribly.  This past week, adoptive families who were in DRC to pick up their children were forced to take their children a local doctor who pulled some of the jiggers out of their feet, however, this doctor eventually realized the severity of the condition and needed to operate on the children in order to remove all the bugs and infection.  The cost per child was approximately $1500.  We have at least 15 more children in need of this kind of surgical intervention.  This cannot wait.  It was devastating leaving the children in this condition but it was necessary for me to return home to look for the financial help needed to fix this and to get the children out of pain.

What lengths would you go to if these were your children's feet?  God calls us to serve the least of these.  To reach out to the needy.  Folks, here they are.  Wondering how you can help?  Visit the blog at : Project Feet, Pray for these children and divine intervention, volunteer to go to the DRC and help these children recover as they cannot go back to the orphanage where this occurred to recover. Last, you can donate funds.  Please please please share this need!

~ Tara