Saturday, October 27, 2012


When we first got our referral for Isaiah we only had $300 in our savings account that we could use for airfare! We were overjoyed to know our son, but so scared at the same time.  We prayed for God to take our anxiety.  And He did.  I can honestly say the past few weeks I have had a peace I've never known before.  Over the past two weeks we have raised over $1100! That means we have one ticket completely paid for (granted that airfare doesn't raise by the time we purchase our tickets). God still moves mountains! He blesses those that follow His path.  People still ask me what we will do if we don't get the money.  I don't think about that, because I know without a doubt that the money will come.  It happens everyday.  A check comes in the mail.  We get reimbursed for overpaying an account (that has never happened to us, but it has happened this week).  The money will come, by His hand.

I put a video together for our benefit dinner tonight, I wish I could share it, but we are not allowed to share photos of Isaiah just yet.  I look at those pictures from Ethiopia, and pictures of our son and  it still breaks me heart. So much pain.  But out of ashes beauty rises. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey.  May God bless each and every one of you! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ordinary People.. Extraordinary God...

This post is for those people, many whom we love dearly who ask us why.  Why Ethiopia?  Why this child if you don't have the money?  Why not have "your own?"  The answer to all of those questions is simply because God has put us on this path, and we are obeying Him.  Our church has been preaching a sermon series on Real People Real God.  God used so many ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  He used Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Hannah, Paul, Timothy, and the Wilkins. 

We first felt the call to adopt in 2010. We both wanted to give our child a sibling, and having a child biologically wasn’t an option at this point in time.  Honestly, we felt like God must be calling the wrong people.  We were just recovering from our own economic downswing.  Eric spent several months unemployed after the factory he worked at closed its doors for good in April of 2009 and I struggled to find full time employment following college.  We had just bought our first home and were digging our way out of the debt that came from unemployment.  God could not be asking us to adopt a child.  As we searched for a church we found our now church home in December 2010.  The sermon series was about Nehemiah and the burden God gave him.  We knew after that first sermon that God gave us a burden for orphans.  We met a family who is now our closest friends.  They were bringing home their first of two adopted children from Ethiopia.  God is good.  After seeing their journey, their similar story, we knew with God anything was possible.  It took us many months to decide what country we would choose and the agency we would adopt with.  God led us each step of the way.  We got the call about Isaiah on October 9, on the same day we got our I171 H in the mail approving us to adopt! Our sign from God!

 Bringing Isaiah home is nothing short of extraordinary.   He is our little miracle child.  He comes from a region in Ethiopia where the infant mortality rate is 95%. That means 95 out of every 100 babies don't make it out of infancy! That is tragic.  Would you please take 5 minutes to watch the video below that another adoptive family put together?  Please pray about assisting our family and please share this post with everyone you know.  God uses the ordinary to do extraordinary things.  What is He calling you to do?

Saturday, October 13, 2012



Our Isaiah is a miracle.  The Amhara region where he is from has a 95% infant mortality rate. He is sick but looking healthier! Can you be a miracle to us by making a donation?  

Lyrics to I Need a Miracle by Third Day

Late one night she started to cry and thought "He ain't coming home"
She was tired of the lies, tired of the fight
But she didn't wanna see him go
She fell on her knees and said
I haven't prayed since I was young
But "Lord above I need a miracle"

Well no matter who you are
And no matter what you've done
There will come a time
When you can't make it on your own
And in your hour of desperation
Know you're not the only one
Prayin' "Lord above, I need a miracle"
I need a miracle

He lost his job and all he had in the fall of '09
Now he feared the worst, that he would lose his children and his wife
So he drove down deep into the woods and thought he'd end it all
And prayed, "Lord above, I need a miracle"


He turned on the radio to hear a song for the last time
He didn't know what he was looking for even what he'd find
And the song he heard it gave him hope and strength to carry on
And on that night, they found a miracle
They found a miracle

And in your hour of desperation
Know you're not the only one
Prayin' "Lord above, I need a miracle"
Lord above, I need a miracle

Thursday, October 11, 2012


I've been sitting with a blank screen for about 5 minutes.  I know what I want to say, I just don't know how to write it.  Since Tuesday we have been overjoyed with our news.  As each day ends we are one step closer to bringing our boy home.  With that comes a price tag.  Some see it as a ransom.  And it kind of is. An orphan's ransom.  He did not ask to be an orphan. He did not ask to be born into poverty. We saw a need and we acted.  Can you act too?

Our sweet baby boy is waiting for his mommy and daddy to come and bring him home.  Many people ask us what will happen if we get a court date and we do not have the funds to travel.  To be honest I am not going there.  I cannot allow myself to think about that.  I have given that to God, and I know His plans are far better than mine.  With that being said, we have a huge need friends.  Isaiah is sick.  He needs to come home to the USA for lots of love and good medical care.  We are blessed with great medical insurance and a loving family.  We just need the money for our airline tickets.  So I'm going to ask a favor of you.  Many people feel that their small donation cannot make a difference. But it can friends.  I have seen families raise $5000, literally one dollar at a time.  We need $3000 more to have our tickets paid for. That's 300 friends donating $10, or6 00 friends donating $5.  Maybe you can only donate one dollar, that adds up.  Can you do without a Pumpkin Spice Latte or a double cheeseburger.  That $3000 of course does not take into consideration that Eric will not be paid for the time off, or the money it will cost in country. 

For the next week I am going to be sharing this blog post and asking that people share via facebook.  Make a donation using the donation button on this site.  Share and ask your friends to donate.  You are changing a life.  And you just might be saving a life.

Lyrics from One Less by Matthew West

We are called to the widows and the orphans
But it's easy to ignore their silent cries
Oh, but every single time somebody reaches into the darkness
Makes a choice to help the helpless, we let mercy save a life.

Please help us change the world for one!

PS.  We are now signed up for ShebaMiles through Ethiopian Air.  If you are reading this and feel led we could use some donated miles!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a.....BOY!!

Wow! What a difference 24 hours can make!! Today, Eric and I got the call we have been waiting for... We have a referral... A sweet 3 month old boy born at the end of June is now ours! He is sick and we will know more about his condition once we get him home!  So please pray for our sweet boy.  His name is going to be Isaiah Walker Wilkins.  Isaiah because Isaiah 40:31 has provided us with strength and encouragement and Walker after George W. Bush who gave hope to millions of African children with PEPFAR (and he's my favorite president). It is probable that we will be traveling to Ethiopia in November for a court date.  We would appreciate your prayers as we apply for grants and try to locate funds for travel on short notice. Our airline tickets alone will be close to $3000.  Now more than ever we need support!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Numero Uno...

I want to thank everyone who helped us out with the Ordinary Hero Grant giveaway.  We were not in the top 3, but we did get honorable mention.  And you all helped us raise $488 that will go straight to Celebrate Children to help pay the remaining balance on our program fees. Praise God!  Some of you might me wondering how much more we have to go... With Ordinary Hero our Humanitarian aid is basically paid(we will provide the remaining $12).  We owe $10,000 which is for the Ethiopia program fee.  I believe $5000 of that is due at referral and or the first trip and the second $5000 is due when we travel for pickup.  Our travel expenses are also hefty.  Our first trip will be about $4500-$5000.  And that might be coming up within the next three to four months because...drum roll please... We are number 1 on the list for either gender!!!! I did not feel like we would EVER get there.  Our agency director has been so patient with my weekly emails.  However, we are in desperate need of help regarding our travel funds.  We will have approximately $500 that we have saved up.  We are asking that you email, call, share our blog, send letters to people you know who might be interested in helping us pay for our first trip.  Maybe you have some miles you can donate.. Maybe someone you know has miles they can donate... Maybe they can loan us some miles and we can pay them back... Anything will help. Also, we are currently selling Yankee candles to help with our travel expenses.  If you are interested in selling on our behalf, leave a comment... Please continue to pray for us... We are so close, and so restless.  God has really been preparing us for this over the past several months.  I will leave you with a verse I have been leaning on lately.

John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.