Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a.....BOY!!

Wow! What a difference 24 hours can make!! Today, Eric and I got the call we have been waiting for... We have a referral... A sweet 3 month old boy born at the end of June is now ours! He is sick and we will know more about his condition once we get him home!  So please pray for our sweet boy.  His name is going to be Isaiah Walker Wilkins.  Isaiah because Isaiah 40:31 has provided us with strength and encouragement and Walker after George W. Bush who gave hope to millions of African children with PEPFAR (and he's my favorite president). It is probable that we will be traveling to Ethiopia in November for a court date.  We would appreciate your prayers as we apply for grants and try to locate funds for travel on short notice. Our airline tickets alone will be close to $3000.  Now more than ever we need support!


  1. Yea!! This is amazing news! I've been following your blog, (we are adopting from DRCongo). Blessings to your family and your new son!

  2. Congratulations Tara! What a blessing!