Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Almost There...

I've been meaning to write a post for a while, but it's hard to find the right words or the time.  Eric and I are so humbled by the way the body of Christ has come together to support us.  We want to thank you for following us on this journey, for your prayers, donations, and love. 

A few weeks ago we went to Indianapolis to visit and Ethiopian Church as they have an adoption ministry (http://www.ethioindy.com/).  This was an amazing experience. Like a small piece of Ethiopia right here in Indiana.    I cannot explain the connection that Eric and feel.  We have such a love and burden for a country we have yet to set foot on.  Our emotions are running so high right now, as we are set to travel in 4 days.  This connection is something that only God could give.  Eric and I have both talked about how we feel God is calling us to do more.  This whole experience is about so much more than bringing Isaiah home.  We don't quite know what He is calling us to do, but we are praying about it.  As we prepare to travel, we do have some prayer requests. 

Please pray for our hearts, that God breaks our hearts for what breaks His.  That we may hear His voice.
Pray for our son Rylan (and us) as he will need to transition to not having mommy and daddy for a week.  He's never been away from us for more than 48 hours. 
Pray for Isaiah, that he is healthy and can attach to us.
Pray for safe travels.
Pray for our finances as we still owe our adoption agency money and are unsure about how we will pay for our second trip.  We have applied for grants and are saving money.  We're also unsure about when we will get reimbursed with adoption assistance from TMMI. 

And finally, if you are reading this post and are considering adoption but think it's impossible to afford please feel free to read previous posts or contact us. We felt like this too. In fact had we not seen God work in the Rager's and Sale's lives we wouldn't be here.  We are living proof that God still moves stones.  It is better to go against the grain and gain God's blessings than to go with the flow of the world and miss out on a miracle. 



  1. Hi There-

    I was just reading your blog about your adoption, and your journey sounds so exciting, and one requiring patience, of course-- it sounds like your in the final stretch!

    We are actually just completing our home study with Bethany International, and are considering going with A Love Without Borders- since you are with this agency, and since I am having a hard time finding any reviews on this agency online, I was wondering if you had any feedback about them.

    The reason that we are considering a switch is because Bethany has made it clear to us that sibling groups are not available in their Ethiopia program, and that no children under the age of 4 are available for adoption, currently. They have told us our wait time for 1 child, over the age of 4, would be 16-28 months.... And, of course, we were hoping for a lesser wait time, and hoping for younger children, preferably a sibling group.

    I just talked to Krysta @ ALBB, and she was very confident in sharing the wait time with their Ethiopian program as 4-7 months, and the DRC program- 0-6 months- for the age group and preferences we are interested in. Do you find this accurate, or within your experience with the agency? It just sounds too good to be true, honestly, and it seems like such a big, permanent decision to switch agencies- we just would like to be sure!

    Any insight you might have would be invaluable at this point. Thanks in advance, and Godspeed with your adoption!!!!


    Marisa Biddle, Upstate NY

  2. Hi Marisa, we did not end up using LBB and their Congo program. I have some friends who did though and they have nothing but great things to say about them. The wait times do seem accurate. I will say that you will have a child faster in the DRC program, however there are a lot of kinks to work out in that program no matter what agency you go with, which is why we decided against it. We used Celebrate Children and just brought our son home 3 weeks ago from Ethiopia. From the time we turned in our dossier to the time we were matched with a child it was only 3 months, however it is much longer if you only want a girl. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at soball22@yahoo.com