Monday, November 26, 2012

Overwhelming Joy

We have been in Ethiopia less than 24 hours and we are in love.  To some Americans, Ethiopia has little to offer.  And to the eye there is poverty all around, but this place and its people are beautiful. We have had such hospitality since we arrived.  Around every corner you can see the mountain landscape, a reminder to me that God's beauty is everywhere.  It's hard for me to find the words quite yet.  Such beauty and pain.  The smells, the sights.  It is a foreign land but it feels like home..

We just picked up Isaiah from the transition house.  He is absolutely perfect.  We are blessed to have nannies who love the children.  His favorite place seems to be on his Daddy's shoulder.  He fell asleep on my chest while we drove home.. He is where he was meant to be now, in the arms of his mother and father.  I love how God brings hope and love to the fatherless.  I'm going to cut this short, but we are in love.  Thank you for your prayers. 


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