Monday, November 26, 2012

To Whom Much is Given...

My mommy brain is exhausted, I've only had two hours of sleep as I type this.  Still, I cannot sleep.  There is so much to process... I knew before we stepped foot on Ethiopian soil God was calling us to something more.  There was a bigger picture coming into focus.. I still do not know what that is, but today has been eye opening.  I am constantly complaining about something at my house breaking, my house is too small, we don't have enough money, my clothes don't fit, I'm over weight... The list could go on... Friends, I've learned today that none of that matters.. I've seen kids as young as six working on the streets.  I've seen adults sleeping on side walks during the day.  Kids begging for food.  Mom's holding children they cannot feed.. And we are staying in a "wealthy" neighborhood.  My heart breaks.  No homeless shelter here.  No soup kitchen. These are people, children of God... I realized our animals in the US are treated better.  My dogs sleep on pillow top mattress in a nice home, they get fed everyday, they have medical care... Oh Lord show me what you want us to do.. There has to be something we can do.  Addis is a beautiful city.  The people here are absolutely beautiful.  Food is dirt cheap.  Still so many are hungry... So many are cold.. So many people back home live with excess, us included.  How much food do I throw away in a week? How much water do I waste?  How often do I take heat and electricity for granted?  This is my son's country.  These are our brothers and sisters.. Something has to be done... We must advocate for them...

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