Saturday, December 22, 2012

Love Never Fails..

This Christmas more than any other year I think about the love of Christ... It was this time of year that Jesus came to a manger so that we could have a home in heaven. This was the time that God chose a Virgin to bear our Lord and Savior. When I was in Ethiopia I was consumed with love.  The people in Ethiopia are poor by the world's standards.  Most house and buildings wouldn't pass inspection in the US.  Children and adults sleep on the sidewalk or in the grass.  I can still hear the voice of a young woman about my age carrying a child, calling out to me, "Sister, sister I need something to eat." I wanted to do something.  But the need is overwhelming.  Most of the time I reached for a dollar or two.  But I didn't have enough money to give... And the faces and sounds still are as clear as if I were there.. So much need, but they smile.  They have so little, but they love.  If only the people of the US could have the love that these beautiful people do.  But we are wound so tightly in consumerism and putting ourselves first.  When we stopped at a farmer's house they had nothing to give us, but they still wanted to give us something.. That something was to breast feed our baby, and while I kindly turned down the offer, it spoke volumes to me.  I left half of my heart in Ethiopia.  I left my baby, but I also left a country that I could easily claim as my own.  This Christmas we celebrate with a different perspective.  Our focus is not on Santa, it's on Jesus.  Our sights are on love, not presents.  Our baby is a half a world away but he will be home soon.  This Christmas friends, family, and strangers have reached out to us.  God has shown once again that He still moves stones.  Nothing is impossible.  With the generosity of others and a grant from A Child Waits, our adoption and remaining travel is fully funded and we are only days away from bringing our precious boy home.  When we first thought of adopting we thought it was impossible.  But I have learned that love never fails... If God calls you to it, He will bring you through it.  May all of you reading have a blessed Christmas this year.  And may you be filled with as much love and joy as we are. 

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