Friday, May 29, 2015

Trench On Mammas

I've become somewhat of a hermit. Choosing to keep to myself inside this little shell called my life. My children are the biggest blessing that God has bestowed upon me, but when you are an adoptive mom, especially one of a child from hard places, everyone has an opinion. Everyone.  And sometimes those opinions can just be too much. Sometimes you just want a shoulder to cry on. A friend to sit and talk to. One who gets it. A girlfriend who is in the trenches.  But most of us don't like to admit we're knee deep in mud and can barely move.

About a month ago I embarked on another sleepless night.  Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I seem to have a lot of those.  A fellow adoptive mommy shared information about a retreat for adoptive moms called Together in the Trenches. I clicked on the link. I read all the details of the event. It seemed like heaven. Then I saw the cost. I sighed. As I read further I noticed that it said scholarships were available for a limited number of people. So I took a chance and sent an email to inquire. Not long after I got a reply that there was indeed an opportunity for me to go free of charge.  God was moving.

I had little expectation for the weekend. A night away from my normal life was more than enough. I did fear running into the judgmental mom. We all know how catty women can be. There's never a shortage of mammas who are judgmental. .  As soon as I walked through the door of the beautiful Wooded Glen Retreat Center I was welcomed with open arms by the most amazing women I had ever met.

After settling in I had the pleasure of having dinner with my "platoon" for the weekend.  I had no idea when I sat down at the dinner table labeled for 'Platoon Sierra'  that this amazing group of beautiful women would touch me so deeply. I formed a bond with them that I had not known in a very long time. Each of us had a story. Each story different. But love was woven throughout each one. At this table sat a group of weary moms who were in the middle of a dirty trench. And God made beauty from ashes that weekend.

 The Together in the Trenches retreat gave over 80 women the opportunity to have life breathed into us. To see God move in ways we could have never imagined. There is so much power in a 'me too' ya'll.  So much power. With 'me too' there's no need to be perfect, only transparent. With 'me too' the pressure is gone. I found so many 'me toos.'  From the key note speaker (follow her journey over at this page), to my roommate, to my platoon, to the stranger rocking on the back porch, there was a me too.  This weekend I saw extravagant love in action. The kind of love that Christ intended all of us to give. And for that I am forever thankful.  Trench on mammas. Trench on.

*this photo is courtesy of Sharon Miles Photography

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