Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fingerprints of God

Motherhood has kept me quite busy, which is why there has been zero action on this page for a while. A Facebook post today inspired me to tell a little bit of our story. I've been very particular with the details of our children's stories that we share with the public for obvious reasons but there are times when it's important to share things so that God can be glorified. I feel that this is one of those times. About a year ago God began to nudge me to look into finding Isaiah's birth mother in Ethiopia. All that we knew was that he was abandoned and that she had Hepatitis C (for more on the back story click Here).  Mothers Day came and I grieved for her. For a woman I never met but felt so connected to. I would watch Isaiah smile and ham it up and I'd think of her. How she must wonder about him. And my has he grown.

So, a few months ago I decided to go for it and reached out to a mutual friend who lived in Ethiopia and was finding birth families. Today he delivered us the biggest news. He found her! Not only did he find her, he gave her pictures of our sweet boy and was able to get some back story. While I am not going to post all of the details (this story will be his to tell one day) I do want to share one that I feel is most glorifying to the Lord. 

As you may not know I work in mental health. It is my passion and I love every minute I spend working with my clients. Today I learned that his birth mother and uncle suffer from mental illness. This spoke to my heart so much. Then I got the following message, "When she realized she was pregnant she went to a local hospital to have an abortion. She spent the night after the procedure and went home. She later became more sick and her belly became bigger and she knew she was still pregnant. Then, when Beruk was three months old she left him in the village and you know the details from there."  Friends, my sweet, beautiful boy survived a botched abortion. Not only did he survive but he came out perfectly healthy. What Satan meant for evil the Lord used for good. I've always known God had big plans for my baby boy. But, man I had no idea. I almost did not share these details because the idea of so many people knowing such a hurtful part of his past bothered me. I've seen, however, how the Lord used my dear friends the Schroers when they shared about how their son came to be with them and I couldn't help but sing God's praises. I've always been pro-life, but today I'm even more so. I admire his birth mother so much for choosing to continue carrying this little blessing and giving him the best life she could. Only God knows what's in store, but I know He holds tomorrow and I find so much comfort in that.