Outreach and Ministries I adore


Ekubo Ministries- I cannot say enough about this organization. I have never met a more honest, and caring group of people than the Mageras. Ekubo is a grassroots Christian Ministry that works with families in Uganda. They current run a Christian Academy, a Discipleship and Leadership Academy for pastors and church leaders, provide healthcare through a small medical clinic, and run the Ekubo Children's Home. One thing that I love about this ministry is the hard work that they do to keep children in their biological families. By providing education and resources to families these children get to reunite with family instead of being placed in one of the many run down, corrupt orphanages in Uganda.

Strong Hearts Ethiopia- Strong hearts works with families that live in the city dump in Addis Ababa also known as Korah. One of the wonderful things they do is provide free child care to working mothers so that they can provide for their family. Without this assistance these mothers would be forced to take their children with them to work or end up begging on the street. To learn more about the amazing things this group does click the link above.

Out of the Ashes- Cannot say enough about the great things this group does. They have a child sponsorship program that allows children in Korah, Ethiopia to get education and skills training while being shown the love of Christ. The goal of OA is to reduce the number of orphans in Ethiopia by helping them break the cycle of poverty.

Together in The Trences a new, gospel-driven, online community founded on Jesus and seeking to breathe life into weary foster and adoptive moms. This is an amazing group of women who are showing the love of Christ. Check out the Together in the Trenches retreat!

Orphan Care AllianceOrphan Care Alliance began in 2005 as a grass roots effort of a few families with a passion for the fatherless.   The first efforts were financially supporting families with their adoption costs.  By 2008, initial contact was made to state leaders to support children in the custody of the state.  In 2010, life coaching for youth aging out and requests for support in southern Indiana had begun.  They continue to grow in equipping families and connecting them to the needs of the fatherless.  

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